Can’t find your Xiaomi? Make it sound even though it’s silent

Sometimes we lost our smartphone and we spent lots of time finding our smartphone. Sometimes it is found around the sofa, below bed or on the dashboard of a car. When the phone is in silent mode then it’s a headache to find. There is a way to find your smartphones even if it is in silent mode.

We make calls and find our smartphone if we lost it. That’s the quick and simple solution for finding the phone. If your phone is in silent mode then how will you find the smartphone? 

One way is that the Xiaomi cloud will find your device location if it is lost. You can get geolocation of that smartphone which is lost. Not only geolocation but it will start some kind of beep sound even if your smartphone is in silent mode. This way you can find your smartphone if it is lost. 

Find your Xiaomi smartphone even if it is in sound

To active sound functionality in silent mode, we must activate the “Find device” option. Then follow below steps : 

  • Go to Settings> Mi Account> Xiaomi Cloud
  • After that, we just have to enter the “Find device” option and activate it.

Due to this functionality, we can find our smartphone even if your smartphone is in silent mode. You can also locate your smartphone without emit any sound just follow below steps :

  • Go to  Xiaomi Cloud  and log in with our Mi Account
  • Go to the option «Find device»
  • Click on the device located and then click on the option «Sonar».
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