Download Latest MIUI Alpha Launcher Update 2021

Xiaomi official launcher was fixed some bugs in previous update of Alpha Launcher, and push to new version V4.22.0.2814-01071030. The latest update of MIUI Alpha launcher comes with 13.9MB downloading size. Below you can download this update.

miui alpha launcher 1

Changelog MIUI Alpha Launcher:

  • Optimize the hand that enters the most recent task from the desktop and then returns to the desktop;
  • Fix the bug that occasionally appears that the desktop is black and does not disappear;
  • Fix the problem that the bottom of the card is cut during fast cutting;
  • To repair the high resolution, enter the edit mode and press;
  • Modify the status of downloading and installing the application will display a black mask;
  • Fix the mobile water ripple download icon Crash in the folder;
  • Optimize the shortcut text to be displayed in a multilingual environment.
MIUI Alpha Launcher (V4.22.0.2814-01071030)DOWNLOAD
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