Download MIUI 12.5 Notes v3.0.2 APK with new features

MIUI 12.5 Notes

Xiaomi device is the most preferable device now as most of the users love to use it. They constantly the user experience and user interface. Yesterday a new version of MIUI rollout is MIUI 12.5. With the new version, many system applications are also upgraded. MIUI Notes is one of the applications that is updated. The new update comes on version v3.0.2.

Xiaomi also revamped the Notes App to MIUI Notes. Users can now add quick mind notes, Generate brain Maps(a chronology of notes) with just a click. Additionally, the update brings graffiti function, optimization for finger painting(with 4 brush strokes).

Xiaomi also revamped the Notes App to MIUI Notes. Now users can make quick notes with just one click. They update the user interface so that operation can be reduced and take minimum time to make one simple note. with a new feature, users can make brain Maps. The update adds a new graffiti function that is easy to use. The new app is optimized for finger painting.

MIUI 12.5 Notes Preview

MIUI 12.5 Notes

Further, you can add a quick note without opening the app. They give a quick shorthand window to quickly jot down notes. Users can also add text, images, links, etc in their notes. All media files are sync with that note that the user added. New notes app gets new typesetting system with dynamic grids to improve notes appearance. So that users can not make messy notes.

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