Download the official MIUI 12.5 wallpapers of the Xiaomi Mi 11

MIUI 12.5 wallpaper

With every new update, Xiaomi brings new MIUI 12.5 wallpaper and new themes for Xiaomi devices. For MIUI 12.5, new wallpapers launch in MI 11 device.

Now Xiaomi MI 11 is the most advanced flagship and currently the most powerful Android on the market. This new version get interest among MIUI users as the optimization that Xiaomi has managed to perform. However, not all devices of Xiaomi received update of MIUI 12.5. Some of the latest device get new version of system. Other users are waiting for update for their device.the new version publish schedule is mentioned on official website. Unfortunately, for MIUI 13 we need to wait at the end of year 2021. we bring you their official wallpapers so that the wait turns out, as far as possible , more enjoyable.

MIUI 12.5 Wallpapers

MIUI 12.5 wallpaper

We get 17 wallpapers, 6 of them from Xiaomi Mi 11 and 11 from MIUI 12.5. All the wallpapers are in HD quality. If you set as wallpaper your device look more beautiful. Try all the wallpaper one by one.

MIUI 12.5 WallpaperDownload