Activate the second application drawer in POCO Launcher

POCO Launcher

With MIUI launcher, Xiaomi has also another inbuilt launch that is POCO launcher and Mint launcher. The first of this, present in terminals, for example, the POCO X3 NFC , POCO M3 or POCO F2 Pro , permits us among its numerous alternatives to activate a secret application drawer.

Due to this secret application drawer we can hide the application. This feature will concern your privacy. These application icons will not display in the application drawer.

POCO Launcher

To activate this secret drawer and hide the application icon, you need to follow some certain steps. If you set a password then you need to enter a pattern or password that is set to unlock this feature.

Hide application icons in Xiaomi’s POCO Launcher

If you have any device like POCO F1, POCO F2 Pro, POCO X3 NFC or POCO M3 or many other devices of xiaomi, hiding the application is very easy. Follow the below steps to hide the application icon.

  • Access the POCO Launcher options from the home screen. To do this, on the desktop we pinch the screen with two fingers and click on « Settings «.
  • After that we will only have to activate the option « Hide application icons «.

After activating the secret application drawer you have access to that drawer in the POCO launcher. For that open a normal application drawer and slide our finger twice in a row from the left area of ​​the screen to the right. After that the secret application drawer will open and you need to enter a pattern or password. 

POCO Launcher

By using this secret application drawer, you can add an application and hide the icon. If you want to access that hide application just swipe twice from left to right.


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