MIUI 12.5 Features List

MIUI 12.5 Features

Xiaomi announced MIUI 12 earlier this year in April. Many devices get MIUI 12 updates and users are happy with that. after that Xiaomi started working on the next update that is MIUI 12.5. They are working on 12.5 to rolling out that update. Many days ago the company posted a thread on the China community forum about new version of 12.5 is arriving. They suspend the beta version.

MIUI 12.5 Features
MIUI 12.5 Features List

New Features List

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Approximate Location

Sometimes location not working properly. Accuracy does not achieve in location. MIUI 12.5 come up with a better location. The user will get the approximate location, not the exact location.

New Launcher Animations

New animations are added like folder system and other swip animation are imporved. Transition is more smooth while switch from one app to other app.

New Power Menu

New version come up with new power nemu that has new animation and look. There is also new function added in power menu.

New Volume Controller

The new volun controoler is intoduce in update. Design has also been improved.

Convert Photo To PDF

Now you can convert your photo to pdf without any app.

New Notification Center

In new version, notification center closer to view. All the notification are display based on priority.

New Cleaner Interface

User can customize cleaner interface as that allow to customize.

New Camera Settings Interface

Camera settings are become more simple compare to previos version. Also position of buttons are changed.

Other MIUI 12.5 Features

  • New Fingerprint Animations
  • Bubble notification support (Android 11)
  • Super-resolution
  • Voice control
  • New QR Code interface
  • New Icon styles

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