MIUI Alpha Launcher Update Release By Xiaomi

Alpha Launcher

MIUI Alpha Launcher is one of the best launchers for the year 2020. Xiaomi works hard to improve user experience and other functionality to make the device more attractive and compatible. Xiaomi released MIUI Alpha launcher earlier this eve. The new release includes new features like an app drawer, home screen customization, and size of the icon. Alpha launcher is loved by many Xiaomi device users.

Alpha Launcher
MIUI Alpha Launcher

Alpha Launcher Update V4.22.0.2714 [Dec.21]

In this update, Xiaomi come with more improvement of features. User can add custom skin in their device. User can customize home screen, launch mobile apps, dial phone calls etc.

New Update :
  • Optimized the deleting explosion animation
  • Optimized unlock animation

Alpha Launcher Update V4.22.0.2706 [Dec.18]

  • improved desktop memory
  • Adjusted the wallpaper scaling parameters according to screen size
  • Added some animation and ripple effect to the home screen

Alpha Launcher Update V4.22.0.2700 [Dec.17]

In this update, Xiaomi give more update then expected. Update log is listed below

  • Some glitches is fixed
  • Improved icon of cleaning widgets
  • Desktop storage
  • Change vibration mode via system navigation mode
  • Change slide up animation for recent or running apps
  • Optimized the performance of the application uninstalls explosion animation on the desktop

Alpha Launcher Update V4.22.0.2673 [Dec.15]

Fixed all bugs and glitches that are found in previous apk version

  • Fixed recent apps and task animation sliding up and down to screen
  • Optimize memory usage problem of desktop
  • Unlock animation is fixed
  • Desktop display is repaired as a home button and the menu button is flickered frequently

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