Top Automotive Accessories from Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a well known and popular brand in terms of smart phones among users. They also make a wide range of mobile accessories that every smartphone user wants to definitely use. Xiaomi not only make smartphone related gadgets but also make other things like vacuum cleaners. laptops, fitness bands and accessories for cars.

There are top 4 best Xiaomi automotive accessories that you can buy under your budget and it will be helpful in your daily life.

Xiaomi 70mai Pro Dash Cam


The xiaomi 70mai pro dash cam is a car accessory. It is an intelligent traffic recorder that gives you film level recording. It provides 24 hours monitoring, it captures clear detail of the surroundings. Whether  excessive light or dark it will adjust exposure according to light and record everything in a clear way.

The price of xiaomi 70mai pro dash cam is $ 98.99 only but you can buy at price $ 54.98 from LightinTheBox.

Original Xiaomi ROIDMI Car Dual Cigarette Lighter Splitter


Cigarette lighter splitter compatible with all ports that is built in all cars. This device is very simple, just attach it to the port and start using it. It is made of 304 stainless steel is high quality and high elastic contact shrapnel. When it light up 750C temperature can be achieve that is sufficient to light up any cigarette. Also this device offers an excellent charging facility. You can buy at price $ 19.79 from LightinTheBox.

Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W

One of the latest technologies in the smartphone world is wireless charging. Xiaomi wireless car charger gives a lot of features. It comes with a built in infrared sensor and provides multi angle adjustments. So you can adjust your smartphone at any angle you want. That flexibility users love to use.

The price of a Xiaomi wireless car charger is around $60.

Xiaomi YouPin Cleanfly Car Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning cars is very patchy work as we can not clear small gaps. Some tools can not clear dust particles completely. Here xiaomi gives a complete solution. They introduce wireless vacuum cleaners that clean everything that includes the car seat and interior also. You can clear your car with a wireless vacuum cleaner by full charge only.

It also provides other features. You can buy this vacuum cleaner at $ 60.49 only.

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