Xiaomi brings us two new products


With the Redmi Note 9T 5G, Xiaomi introduced two new products in the market. These products are Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock and Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K Pro. A new camera and smart speakers are introduced. 

Basically we can say that the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock is an alternative to Amazon’s Echo Show. Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock is 3.97 inch size with full touch screen. Speakers are embedded with the clock. That is cool , isn’t it?

With the help of a smart clock, you can observe a camera that is fit to the house. Wide screen and touchscreen, you can watch photos and videos. Due to smart speakers you can play songs directly from spotify and youtube music.


There is an alarm mode called Sunrise. Smart clock will increase brightness of display and sound of alarm gradually like the sun rising in the sky. Also Google Assistant and Chromecast are added into the smart clock. The Smart clock works as IOT within your house.

The new surveillance camera embedded into the smart clock. Resolution of that camera is 2K.

With the help of a camera, it is capable of recording from any direction.That camera has 6 lenses and high sensitivity of image sensor that adjust brightness of surroundings. Even in low light, the camera can record with full color.

Mi 360 ° Security Camera 2K supports two way communication with the help of noise cancellation technology and dual microphone. It has a privacy mode that ensures users privacy. Device has voice support like google and alexa. 

The price of Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock will be 49.99 euros. For new surveillance camera will cost 59.99 euros.

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