Xiaomi shares already double their IPO price

Xiaomi changed everything about company in year 2020. IPO price of Xiaomi group is double compare to last year. Investor get huge profit by selling their shares. Share prices is all time high in Xiaomi share price.

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Xiaomi shares already double their IPO price

Xiaomi share starting price is 17 $ and closed to 8 $ through out 2019 year. After that pricing is rise up and now price is 35 $. We can say that price is rise to almost double. That the time when Xiaomi start to holding position in the market.

If we observe Xiaomi account then right now there are around 24,132,150,304 share circulating in the marketing. That is huge amount of share. One share price is 25 $ right now so according to calculation total value in euros around 89,000 million euros.

So for Xiaomi 2021 will be the best year as they roll out new version of MIUI 12.5 and MI 11 new device. MI 11 is all time high configured device in Xiaomi history that even user won’t expect. The company name is being popular among the world wide user that is also main reason to increase share price. Xiaomi working on continuous development give huge impact on company and users.

For year 2021, Xiaomi will come up with new device and functionality as well. They launch series of best product ever.

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