Xiaomi New MIUI+ Features released in MIUI 12.5 Update | What is MIUI+

xiaomi MIUI+ by miui.digital

Xiaomi introduced its first-ever cross-border connecting feature in the MIUI 12.5 with MIUI+(Beta). This features is helping to connect creator and so many students. MIUI+ is Similar to Apple Eco system. By using this feature you can connect your Xiaomi device to laptop or desktop, and sync with each other. List of new MIUI+ features are mention below.

This update work in upcoming MIUI version, check your device is supported this device or not? (Click here)

What is use of MIUI+

View Mobile notifications, Open Apps

miui+ update 1

Copy/Paste Text

miui+ update 3

Open Screenshots in PC

View Web pages from Mobile

miui+ update 4

Edit Document direct Mobile to PC

miui+ update 2

Whats is MIUI+

MIUI+ is one of the best features was introduce in MIUI 12.5 launch event. The main aim was to connect your smartphone to any computer with help of this software and you can check your daily phone usage data in computer. You can complete your any task, office work, studies works and many more with help of this new features.

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